7 thoughts on “months”

  1. blgh im falling asleep, so yeah il just say its magical again and the station is really scarly
    y bright white…woo gd gd picyture.

  2. I think Jesus hates me. I said…now theres a great picture and he tried to stab me…


  3. good work man, this is a great photo. My only critisism is that there isn’t enough emphasis on the train for my liking, but still, bloody good.

  4. yeah, i see what you mean..

    i’d have liked it if there was more traffic on the right, too. but that was the second train, and i didn’t have time to wait for any more.

    maybe some other time. you gotta make a visit next week. go onn.

  5. There does need to be more traffic, although the photo is still every bit as good as when you described it to me. I like the way there’s this cluster of light in the distance (comprising mainly of a kebab shop and a few co-ops, heh).

  6. I love this photo, the streaks down the steet are awesome, what can I say apart from come to Reading soon, coz it’s a place of adventure, more photos and good street according to you! Xxx

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