Archives for the Month of October, 2007

trainers by the ton.

kind of a follow on from this. dave’s started updating his site. looks pretty dialled. also; check out this project i’m involved in. zero hour. it’s a group exhibition comprised of myself and four friends. not a whole lot’s going on there now, but stuff will start going up, along with details of where it’s […]

the world at large.


nate in my room.

playing my guitar.


changed the image (and added two more) just now. the light looks way better in the early evening as opposed to like 2am. the old one’s here, though. i still like it.. i just like this one more. p.s. taken using two cameras – my nikon d70s, and nate’s canon eos 5d. so that’s why […]

this week i was a detective.

shot for a week long project on voyeurism. they look much better bigger so here you go: one, two, three.