Archives for the Month of January, 2006

cheese and tomato pasta

different tree, blue sky

interesting sky tonite

another shot from tonite over here.

another portfolio shot

yet another film scan.

adam on the beach in wales

another film scan.

dinner at my aunt's

something about multiple images at the moment, eh? these are from the same film as this post. shots from the d70s soon. (sorry for the lines in the bottom image – pretty messy scans.)

friends in the canteen

more scans from film. these were shot on a fujifilm nps about a month ago.

photos from a walk i took

with luke. these images were all shot on an out of date konica vx100 film pushed two stops to ISO 400. i’m pretty pleased with the results. if i get a chance i might scan the rest of the prints in and make a set on my flickr. oh and happy new year everyone.