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got bored at 2am

amongst other things,

this is why i havent been posting much. after a lot of work, the images above are now one continous 360 degree panoramic, with the levels and curves corrected so it’s all pretty seemless.

backwards, in a way

another from wales

more frequent images soon..

so much work

sorry. i’ll post soon. i have a week off from college starting monday, so i’ll have a lot more time then.

found object 5×4 – final print two

wales – colour film

sorry for the lack of updates recently. so much college work. but in theory that means i’ll have more to post soon, so it should work.

because i like it enough to post it twice

studio work – found object

this is the same golf ball as i found on the beach here. the idea was to bring the object we found in wales back to college and use studio lighting effectively to capture it differently. this isnt the final composition, and the final shots will be printed from 5×4 negatives, but here’s the test […]

tom and the sky