wales – colour film

nikon f80 - agfa colour film - ISO 200

sorry for the lack of updates recently. so much college work. but in theory that means i’ll have more to post soon, so it should work.

8 thoughts on “wales – colour film”

  1. This looks way too tropical to be Wales man. Some messing about in photoshop I guess? GG to that.

  2. nice composition, that water bed is really detailed, looks good againt the more subtle sand and sky. nice stuff man.

  3. this one’s really beautiful – love the composition with those black mountains standing out.
    is this wales??? i must admit i’ve almost never been to the UK but maybe i should go check out wales, then?

  4. yup, that’s wales. somewhere in swansea. it was a (oddly) nice day. and thanks, glad you like it.

  5. Beautiful…I love the composition and the view of the water…very nice! The only suggestion I could offer is to crop a little bit more on the left, rocks sticking out are distracting. Very good.

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