olympus c370

by various people. namely…

*sophia and her pastiche, which was based on nan goldin. the idea of carrying a camera around everywhere and taking photos was a good one.

*chris and his new lomo. although these shots are digital, the style he lays his lomo photos out in is interesting. they look better together as opposed to individually, which i think applies to these six shots.

*jer, as the top left photo is pretty much a copy of an older shot of his.

an example of what i've been working on

nikon d70 - sb 600 - 18-70mm

this is one of my final images for my pastiche assignment. i know it looks a little small here but, in it’s entirity, it’ll be 15 a4 pages bound together with 2 or 3 images per page. once this is done – got to hand it in tomorrow – i’ll try and post more frequently. i’m finished with college until january after tomorrow and my D70S should be here soon, so i’ll be shooting a lot more.