Archives for the Month of February, 2006

string on lightbox

inverted, too.

air ambulance workers

a worthy cause. wish i could’ve got a better shot of them but it was snowing and i was in a hurry (also – comments should work now if anyone was having problems before. sorry about that).

hey everyone

this is why i haven’t been updating much. my room’s in the middle of being decorated so all i have is a bed, cable tv and my aunt’s laptop for the Internet. i will update with more from budapest later in the week when everything’s more in order. also – is anyone having trouble posting […]

tom, tram

more from budapest – film and digital.

film scan from budapest

first film scan from budapest – konica vx 100 film, pushed two stops to ISO 400.


another from budapest.

last day in budapest

i got better shots on film, which i’m taking to get processed tomorrow. so more soon.

so i kind of forgot to mention…

that i’m in budapest right now. sorry about that. i get back tomorrow nite, so i’ll post photos on saturday. sorry for entirely forgetting to say anything about it.

another already on flickr,

sorry for the repetitiveness. guess the Internet doesn’t like the photo i tried to upload yesterday.. every other image seems to work fine. weird.


for some reason i cant actually post images. a favour – can you see this? thanks.