Archives for the Month of September, 2006

truths and fictions – exploring spaces.

my current assignment at university is “truths and fictions”. it is to be a setup studio shot on 5×4 (large format). i think that spaces in which people live can give a lot away about them and their personalities. although these two images aren’t all that related to my ideas for the actual shoot, i […]

first day

so i forgot to mention that i’m now studying photography at the kent institute of art and design. right now i can’t get internet where i’m living, so updates will (evidently) be pretty sporadic. apparently we’ll get internet there at the end of the month so i’ll see what happens.

north by northeast

this is already up on my livejournal but i thought i’d post it here too. i took this for the cover of communication error’s demo cover. get back to me about that guys.