photos from a walk i took

pentax mx - konica vx 100 - pushed 2 stops to ISO 400

with luke. these images were all shot on an out of date konica vx100 film pushed two stops to ISO 400. i’m pretty pleased with the results. if i get a chance i might scan the rest of the prints in and make a set on my flickr.

oh and happy new year everyone.

4 thoughts on “photos from a walk i took”

  1. nice shots. really interesting colours. did snappy snaps process it all right in the end? they are all really good, but i like the top two best because they have such interesting and odd colours.

  2. thanks man. yeah, they pushed it fine. even did it same day, and didnt charge me extra as well as giving me student discount. good deal i think.

  3. That signmaker needs to learn the difference between commas and full stops; also to stop being vague about the consequences of causing a disturbance. GG at technical filmspeed wizardry.

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