12 thoughts on “went for a walk”

  1. and what a joyous walk it was, full of fun, magic and shrouded in mystery. it truly was the best walk ever.

  2. I like this picture..nice effect. Especially like the lighting towards the top of the picture…who would have thought a street lamp would give that kind of effect.

    Nice work Dave.

  3. what more can i say other than it’s great and i really like it 🙂 one day you will be famous and i will tell everyone i knew u b4 u hit the big time – when you where just a normal(ish) guy from a normal place xxx

  4. Heh, it’s weird, i’ve only seen this street during the day, it was kinda boring and i’d never thinking of taking a photo of it but it just goes to show how things change at night. I like very much. Xxx

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