two years today.

nikon d70s - montage.

so tom makes pictures is two years old today.. this is how i spent the evening.

thanks everyone.

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  1. chris (comm error) writes:

    happy birthday!

    and thank you..

  2. Tom writes:

    Happy birthday, this looks really good, ive noticed a few now, i like the style.

  3. Priya writes:

    I’m liking your montages, they’re a bit good.
    Also…happy birthday my little blog, squidge you, hope you had a lovely day.
    And congratulations to mr tomothy, for having this blog and looking after it for two years…they grow up so fast, don’t they?

  4. ~CT writes:

    most righteous coolness – now stop being so lazy, that Toblerone aint gonna eat itself!

  5. Adam writes:

    awesome, great shot(s).

    that means it was roughly two years ago i first met you, how time fly’s…

  6. tom writes:

    thereabouts man. that’s pretty crazy, eh?

  7. Sagaz21 ==> Jean-David writes:

    hey ! what a good thing to discover after some months yours pics ! I’m a french poete, as you know, so your pics make me feel great scape !

    personnal message : France will win the world cup !!! hihihi 😉

  8. tom writes:

    hey, thanks jean-david.

    i hope france win! as long as portugal don’t, i’m sold.

  9. emerald writes:

    wicked wicked wicked. and swish if i may say so!

  10. Tallmute writes:

    Nice work, man! You don’t stop to amaze me.

  11. tom makes pictures » home. writes:

    […] i live here more than here. […]

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