pentax mx - konica vx 100 pushed two stops.

pentax mx - konica vx 100 pushed two stops.

pentax mx - konica vx 100 pushed two stops.

six months ago pretty much all i shot with for two weeks was this out of date konica film, pushed two stops, using an old pentax camera. i forgot i had these.

i think i might start shooting more with it again.

One thought on “half”

  1. that sky is QUITE gorgeous…i think i’m in love..is it possibly for me to marry the sky? …. but it can be a bit miserable sometimes, and i don’t like it when it cries…makes everything all wet and hair go all rubbish…and sometimes it forgets to wear it’s clothes so it gets all hot and sticky everywhere which isn’t all that attractive, even though it looks good…and when it’s sad it goes all grey and dark, and that’s not very nice either…

    i think the sky’s just a bit too high maintenance for me, so i’ll stick to just watching it in your pretty pictures, if that’s ok with you?

    I like the other pictures too, i just don’t think i should go into a similar rant about plugs or cats..although the texture in the cat picture looks a bit feely feely..and am i the only one who used to think electricity was actually electric-city? it’s a much cooler name!

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