recurring theme,

nikon coolpix 5700

nikon coolpix 5700

and i suck at holding my camera straight sometimes.

i’m going to wales tomorrow morning, so i wont be posting anything new until friday or saturday. have a good week.

6 thoughts on “recurring theme,”

  1. I used to have to watch for birds on posts when I used to walk everywhere, as I didn’t like them crapping on me. Now I have a car so I don’t have to worry, but this brings back memories. Yay. GG at that.

  2. Blue’s such a pretty colour. and the slight angle’s all artisticy and nice i think. But hmm..saturday eh?..I’ll be seeing four certain sexy men, i like to collectively call them interpol..enough said,
    Have a hench time in el wales.

  3. I’ve always liked the whole “colorful roofs and posts against bright blue sky” style of photo. Something about the way the sky dwarfs the world but these things still stand out. Also, they take advantage of the old spider man saying that no one ever looks up, and the fact that unbeknownst to everybody, everything good is up.

  4. hey ! it is a long time that i have talken to you but i always love your photos !
    nice to speak later

  5. here’s a tip – use rotation on your computer… great pictures. nice contrasts with those blue skies.

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