walking home was okay today

nikon coolpix 5700

7 Responses to “walking home was okay today”

  1. Adam writes:

    nice work. I like the water.

  2. jer writes:

    jer, while image is loading: “Holy SHIT!”

    Fucking awesome man. The contrast between the orange and deep blue is holy.

  3. Tom writes:

    funky, and yeah the water looks good, as do the shadows.

  4. jenni writes:

    Well. That’s a bit good.

  5. ~ Ladybug ~ writes:

    I’m Thirsty

  6. Vicky writes:

    wow, that’s stunning. the contrast in color is incredible.

  7. Tallmute writes:

    Very testy! Like this color style. Can i get this one for my Cipys project cd cover?

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