interpol – april 9th, 2005

interpol -- olympus c-350 - colour, music

interpol -- olympus c-350 - colour, music

interpol -- olympus c-350 - colour, music

interpol -- olympus c-350 - colour, music

the lighting wasnt too great tonite either, but i think i did better at this show. i finally got some good photographs of paul, which i’ve wanted to do since i first took photos of interpol.

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  1. I have only ever seen one band twice, and that was InMe. Where are they now? …Exactly. Though we saw the Hundred Reasons drummer and followed him into the toilet to get his autograph. I’m not sure why, I’m not really a great fan of autographs. Oh well, gg @ photo and all that. I’m trying to make an Interpol type joke but my head keeps repeating ‘we have 200 couches where you can SLEEP TONIGHT. I’m tired.

  2. Wow, i’m impressed. You overcame crazy dancing people (Friday) and terrible lighting (Saturday) to get some really gorgeous, atmospheric photos. I especially like the first one, Dan is clearly so awesome that when he plays, light eminates from his right knee.
    It was a great two days and truly the best birthday present anyone could ever give me.
    Thank you.

  3. The pictures came out well. How many did you get overall?
    (Scottish) Robbie caught one of the spare sticks in the end so he’s pretty happy.

  4. erm.. from both dates, probably about 350.

    he did? awesome. thanks for stopping by man, keep in touch.

  5. Good pictures, I didn’t bother taking my camera as Brixton always seem hotter on their searches.Ever had any problems there? I got some pictures from when they played The Forum, but the lighting was so much better at Brixton.

  6. hey, thanks. on the first nite i got searched, and even though they guy felt the camera, he didnt take it.

    on the second i just got ushered past, which was weird.

    send a link if any of the forum photos are online – i’d have loved to have taken photos there, but i was sitting. thanks again.

  7. Wow, once again. heh. wish i could have heard leif erikson, stella and specialist. i did hear specialist (kinda) and leif erikson through a call from matt though. next time i’m going to all the gigs they play! thank you for getting me into them. i don’t think i would have as much if it wasn’t for you sending me the new and always playing obstacle 1 on the phone to me! anyways, great photos.

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