interpol – april 8th, 2005

interpol - colour, music

yeah, so i know this photo kinda sucks. the crowd was permenantly moving, and as a result.. so was i.

it was very hard to keep the camera still, but i did my best. i’m seeing them again tomorrow (or today, i guess) nite, so i’ll hopefully get some better shots then.

8 thoughts on “interpol – april 8th, 2005”

  1. Fucking amazing. I’m still so happy…and I CAUGHT SAM’S DRUMSTICK!!! But then fucking scary people ripped it off me…could have cried..almost did except i was way too happy! Just heard about SA times wanting to use your photos, that’s awesome! You must be stoked, congratulations!!! So proud… And…so jealous..heard they played the specialist!?!? Damn you…well it’s settled..i’m so going to every local gig they’re doing next time they come down. (Dammit my stupid cousin’s got last minutes ticket to the coldplay gig and he’s getting backstage passes to glastonbury where it’s strongly rumoured interpol are playing!)
    Ok i’m getting to the level where this comment’s almost classified as spazzing. So yeah absolutely love the photo’s they’re super-sexy.

  2. hey, thanks a lot. yeah, i’m excited about the SA times thing – i’m not getting paid, but i wasnt even expecting to be asked, and the publicity should be good.

    interpol are playing glastonbury, it’s confirmed on their live page i think.

    unlucky about not keeping hold of sam’s drumstick, too. thanks.

  3. i really don’t know how you can say that’s a bad photo, it’s awesome. The gig was so good, i loved every minute of it and i’m so glad i was able to go.

  4. I was at this show n all…

    and i tried to photograph it. and i had exactly the same problems. i have all of about 3 shots i like.

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