final print (badly scanned)

final print -- pentax mx - ilford hp5 - 1/60sec - f8.0 - ISO 400

p.s – the work i’m posting now is kind’ve repetitive, sorry. check out my da for other work. thanks.

7 Responses to “final print (badly scanned)”

  1. Hair LeMair writes:

    nice print, nice subject. GG with the highest honours.

  2. olli writes:

    fookin safe1!!!!1111one.

  3. TomBob writes:

    liking it since u boosted the cointrast, no 4 wasnt it?

  4. Adam writes:

    Looks good nice and contrasty.

  5. tom writes:

    yeah, it was at 4.


  6. Hair LeMair writes:

    Man I know all about high filters, my latest film came out all pale 🙁

  7. G N Bassett writes:

    Tremendous photograph. Disturbing image. (that is a needle she’s holding?)

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