art replication assignment – second photograph

much like the first image for this assignment (which is here), the idea was to take a well known painting, and replicate it by adding a contemporary twist.

the painting i chose was “the scream”, by edvard munch :

edvard munch - the scream

the idea for this was to replace the background in the painting with shocking, scary and thought provoking headlines from various newspapers. i feel this replaces what the subject was hearing in the original painting very well.

this shot is actually (probably) the final photo i will use, and isn’t digital (for details on what camera etc i used see alt text).

art replication 2 - nikon f80 - 1/125sec - f11 - ISO 200

5 thoughts on “art replication assignment – second photograph”

  1. GG @ photo. Is art replication part of your college work? Cause where I am we do nothing of the sort.

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