maybe i do like the winter

maybe i do like the winter.jpg

4 Responses to “maybe i do like the winter”

  1. Jenni writes:

    That’s so gorgeous.. it reminds me of the silhouette /watercolour pictures they made us do as kids at Breakspear. Oh look.. there’s the millenium wheel. *grins*

  2. Matt writes:

    that is damn pretty, i think i just came..

  3. Priya writes:

    Ah, it’s working now! Still as pretty, but I think it looks nicer bigger like the one you sent me. Think it’s so cool how those colours can still be used to make a pretty photo like this.

  4. Vicky writes:

    I love it, one of my favourites. I can totally picture where you are aswell. xXx

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