happy birthday to me.


“everything good is up.”

admittedly, tom makes pictures turned three.. five days ago now. but that’s okay. this is one of the first ever photographs i remember taking. i remember jer posted it for me when he was showing me how movable type worked and for some reason i deleted it. can’t remember why.

so here it is again.

i have new work ready to put up, but three years is a long time right? so here’s something very old instead. i wont go into it too much, but the site’s been so fun to have (although i don’t update as much as i should). three years flew by. i mean that in a good way.

cheers! x

4 thoughts on “happy birthday to me.”

  1. Gratz dude. Glad you’ve enjoyed it so far 🙂 I actually just gave you a security update the other day, I should also probably fix this insanely wide comment box…


  2. 3 years, that really has flown by but the works looking as good as ever. Happy birthday tom makes pictures!

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