locations for fashion shoot

olympus c170

olympus c170

olympus c170

sorry for the general bad quality here (especially the third), but these were just location shots to get an idea. which do you prefer?

4 thoughts on “locations for fashion shoot”

  1. they all have potential as projects to work on for photos but my particular fav will have to be the 3rd due to the vast ammounts of different emotions drawn out from it. I.e. the torn ruined road, the doubting clouds, the sickly silent trees in the distence as if the have a secret and the proud and tall pylon trying to consume all attention to itself. hope you understand what the hell i mean lol laters.

  2. haha! final i can comment becuse sir i am on a mac! ithink there all good but i perfre teh wast land and burnt window that the danger of deth- i love that photo but i think seeing more of the location would be good o your still coming up next friday arnt you?

  3. i don’t really know what you’re doing at the moment but i love the top photo. the colors are so vibrant. but if it’s a photoshoot you say you’re doing then the last one.

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