pinn -- nikon coolpix 5700

6 Responses to “pinn”

  1. Jenni writes:

    Wow, that’s gorgeous. It looks like the Iifa Tree out of Final Fantasy IX.

  2. Tom writes:

    thats wicked. love the colours and the relection, the trees branches are amazing.

  3. Adam writes:

    Nice to see some more nature stuff. I like the pink and the reflection.

  4. Hair LeMair writes:

    The tree reflection looks like the Big Fish DVD cover. That film is great. At the start a baby is born, and flies out his mum so fast he shoots out the door and down the corridor. This scene alone made me laugh for over half an hour, to everyones dismay. GG at that.

  5. erik writes:

    i like the symmetry in this one.
    and those colors that are just a bit too realistic – they underline the fact that what appears to be all natural is actually man-made….

  6. jer writes:

    completely amazing.everything about this photo is amazing. I especially appreciate the hyperreality of the sky behind the tree. It looks painted on.

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