walking to jenni's

walking -- 9mm - f5.6 - 1/1000sec - ISO 200

walking -- 30mm - f3.7 - 1/2000sec - ISO 200

walking -- 71mm - f4.7 - 1/2000sec - ISO 200

7 Responses to “walking to jenni's”

  1. Hair LeMair writes:

    Very good, I think I’ve seen those meerkats before. Nice detail and colours in the backgrounds, and I hope this doesn’t get filtered haha, gg indeed.

  2. Tom writes:

    Brilliant photos, love the bird flying in the sky in the first shot, really subtle, but very effective. very nice work.

  3. Olli writes:

    thats fucking class man.

  4. Ben writes:

    I love the bird/plane in the top picture. It’s only there if you look really hard. It just sort of sprung out at me cool man. I’m a bit stoned right now by the way.

  5. Vicky writes:

    Where do you find a duck with no legs?

    Where you left it.

  6. Kad writes:

    I always found the “look out neighbourhood watch” in the UK very bizarre. As if UK people were a bunch of voyeur or spy or secret agent.
    Nice pictue, beautiful blue 🙂

  7. erik writes:

    oh the plane… i hadn’t seen it! even without plane the streetlight picture is impressive.

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