food photography assignment – test shoot


9 Responses to “food photography assignment – test shoot”

  1. Priya writes:

    Awww, prettiful-ness. Combinations of the colours are so nice, and the way you managed to capture the splash is awesome. Very cool.

  2. Hair LeMair writes:

    Nice work bro, oranges and splashes give me an urge to seek nutrition. Yum yum and GG.

  3. Adam writes:

    *Ka-Spalsh* – awesome. Guessing thats the perspex version? Looking super cool.x

  4. Jenni writes:

    Is that a pip in the orange second closest to the bottom?

  5. tombob writes:

    was a good shoot that, me thinking u could get distinction wiht a photo like that

  6. mike writes:

    woa! i love this photo. i love the way uve captured the splash! its brilliant!

  7. mike writes:

    Are you getting graded for this because i would give you A*!

  8. Vicky writes:

    wicked. great colors.

  9. Tim writes:

    You don’t have to wash oranges silly.

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