more capture

chris -- nikon coolpix 5700 - 19mm - f5.3 - 1/30sec - ISO 400

7 Responses to “more capture”

  1. Tom writes:

    I like this photo alot, its a really good idea that came out really well. nice work.

  2. tom writes:

    it’s an adaption of an old photo of adam’s.. i dont think his image is online anymore.

  3. mike writes:

    thats pure genius! love it! nice work!

  4. Adam writes:

    I like this, great depth of field use. works really well.

  5. ladiscrete writes:

    Very clever myse-en-abĂ®mes (or however that’s spelled!) of the subject. Very creative.

  6. CT writes:

    Very Crisp Shot, Liking it a Lot

  7. marcello writes:

    very nice, i like it
    what about adding the sound of that moment?

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