11 thoughts on “starbucks”

  1. I like this, even though there lights, they really look like planets….but dont at the same time. hah, im an idiot

  2. oh god…. they have these light fittings all over the world… “if i had all the money in the world”… i’d be supplying starbucks with fittings… hmmm

  3. I was at a starbucks here in montreal once and they had those exact same lighting fixtures. I was standing with a friend of mine waiting for something and the glow of the lights was completely dominating our personal illumination, that creepy seventiezish orange thrumming making us look way sketchier than we were. He turned to me and said “are you feeling the pot?” as a joke, but I totally was, even though we hadn’t smoked.

    A+ for capturing the creepiness of starbucks, also the visual pun.

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