in no way do i mean to offend or insult anyone by posting these photos. i just think they say more than words ever could.

auschwitz || nikon coolpix 5700 | 24mm | 1 sec | f6.4 | ISO 400

auschwitz || nikon coolpix 5700 | 18mm | 1/153sec (?) | f5.9 | ISO 400

auschwitz || nikon coolpix 5700 | 9mm | 1/4000sec | f7.1 | ISO 400

auschwitz || nikon coolpix 5700 | 12mm | 1/2847sec | f5.3 | ISO 400

auschwitz || nikon coolpix 5700 | 9mm | 1/3125sec | f6.3 ISO 400

lest we forget.

7 thoughts on “auschwitz”

  1. Some good shots there… yet I dont think any photo can show what it was like there to its true effect.

  2. i don’t know what to say…the pile of shoes just puts it into perspective. i can’t believe that many people were put to their death just because of one person.

  3. this is so hard to look at as i lost my great grand father may his and all the others memory stand forever

  4. i have been looking at a lot of pictures today because we were elaborating on Hitler and his rule. I just wanted to do a little research and some of the images that i have seen in less then 30 minutes have been so disturbing. I just ask myself how can human beings do such horid things!!!!!

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