art replication assignment (thanks faye)

the point to this assignment was to take a painting by a well known artist and replicate it in the studio – and add a contemporary twist.

the painting i replicated was “odalisca con le magnolia”, from 1924, by henri matisse :

henri matisse - odalisca con le magnolia

i was pretty stuck for ideas. but after watching trainspotting, i came up with my concept.

the next one you’ll see is a scan of a darkroom print. it’s better i think but it’s up to you.

art.. || nikon coolpix 5700 | 16mm | 1/60s | f8.0 | ISO 400

8 thoughts on “art replication assignment (thanks faye)”

  1. really? that sucks man.. me and tom have studio booked from 9-12 for the friday after we’re back. feel free to join us.

    also, i did some prints of this.. looks way better than the digital shot – just needs more contrast.

  2. It’s so cool to actually see it, looks great. Watched trainspotting tonight actually, just a little bit messed up..
    And on a seperate note..woo spoke to scary bob from my chemical romance on the phone…yay, i’m special.

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