sorry for the complete lack of anything lately. we haven’t really had summer in england at all so motivation to take photographs is pretty low right now. but it’s alright. i’m going away this weekend to see things i haven’t seen. i’ve been getting really back into film recently, so i’ll be shooting a lot of fuji. i’ll have my powerbook and my nikon with me, though, so updates will happen. hopefully.

in the meantime – i’ve been meaning to link to we are homegrown in an actual post for ages (it’s in my links section, but still). it’s generally a pretty cool blog; not just photos. check that out for sure.

actual photographs soon!

5 thoughts on “slow.”

  1. I know the feeling weather is rubbish, better this weekend tho apparently! The Homegrown link had an extra ” in it so didn’t work, thought let you know

  2. Hi tom,

    I’ve been visiting your site for about two years now, and I have to tell you that every time I look at the pictures on your blog they always make me happy. Right now I’m starting my first year at university and the change is being pretty rough on me. When I look at your photos though, I feel like everything’s going to be okay. Thanks for being so dedicated!


  3. hey, i’d have replied to this in an email if you left an address.. but that’s okay.

    not a lot else i can think of to say besides thank you. that really means a lot. i’m moving back to kent in about two weeks for my second year of university, so i totally know what you mean. university is pretty much awesome though.

    what’re you studying?

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