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the current assignment being a pack shoot. need three final images so i’m thinking Apple products. the photos above are taken on my desk with a lamp and some white paper; that’s why they dont look so great. just playing around with angles really. cant decide between.. 1. iPod, iMac and PowerBook or 2. iMac, PowerBook and PowerMac. any ideas?

also i know i havent posted in a while again. sorry about that. lots going on, you see. two assignments had to be handed in last week and today, and i had an interview at kiad (kent institute of art and design) today as well. nerve wracking but i hope it went okay.. looks amazing there.

oh and also.. i got this. havent processed any films from it yet but i’ve shot three, so look out for scans of images here and on my flickr sometime this week. should be fun. wow. big post. sorry to the 800×600 monitors out there.

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  1. mmm, these are quite the sexual photos..i like the minimalisticness..more focus on the “awesomeness” that is the ipod… (i’m still perfectly content with my gives me lots of musical accompaniment..and let’s face it, when you have that…what else do you need?!)

  2. oh i’m sure you are.. i was happy with my creative until it broke. that was my fault though. left it in my bag by accident and then went out in the very heavy welsh rain.

    anyway thank you. the idea is to re-create the apple adverts themselves. look around to see some if you’re interested.

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